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ChemRep is the North American distributor for Dakren CPE polymers manufactured by Daiso. These products are used extensively in hose compounds and other compounds for extruded rubber products that require excellent weather resistance.

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ChemRep is the North American distributor for Epoxyprene epoxidized natural rubber. These products offer excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils as well as excellent gas permeability properties. In tire compounds, they reduce rolling resistance and increase wet grip.

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ChemRep is the North American distributor for Norsorex polynorbornene polymers manufactured by Startech in Austria. Norsorex polymers exhibit outstanding damping properties. They also absorb large amounts of oils and plasticizers, allowing compounders to develop very soft rubber products. Hardness of 5 Shore A is possible.

If you are a manufacturer of chemicals and related products for the rubber industry and you seek representation in the territory we serve, please give Mark Petras a call at (800) 433-8982.

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