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ChemRep, inc. offers a wide variety of products to serve you:

  • Activators for Sulfur Cures (Cray Valley)
  • Adhesives for Rubber-to-Metal Bonding (Chemlok, Ty Ply)
  • Adhesive Equipment (Arnold)
  • Adhesion Promoters (Ricobond)
  • Airfloat Clays (Imerys)
  • Aqueous Latexes (Lord)
  • Carbon Blacks (Orion Carbons)
  • Coatings (Lord)
  • CPE Polymers (Dakren)
  • Epichlorohydrin Polymers (Epichlomer)
  • Epoxidized Natural Rubber Polymers (Epoxyprene)
  • Epoxies (Lord)
  • Metalworking Fluids (Metal Mates)
  • Mold Cleaners (Polykleen)
  • Mold Releases (Crystal, DiamondKote)
  • Peroxide Coagents (Ricon, Dymalink)
  • Polynorbornene Polymers (Norsorex)
  • Polyurethane Polymers (Notedome)
  • Process Aids (Ricon, Dymalink)
  • Silane-Treated Clays (Imerys)
  • Urea (FG Urea OT)


Contact one of the helpful ChemRep staff with any questions you may have.



If you are a manufacturer of chemicals and related products for the rubber industry and you seek representation in the territory we serve, please give Mark Petras a call at (800) 433-8982.

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